Friday, June 26, 2009


(Hudson, WI - June 27) Twas not a day for course records. No indeed. Heavy rain postponed the start and led to protracted transitions and somewhat conservative cycling. Additionally, road construction in the area forced a last minute alteration of the bike route, which added about two miles. Men's pre-race favorite, Dan Cohen, former Turtleman and Timberman champ, prevailed over a cluster of the most talented challengers the event has hosted to date. The ever-formidable David Holden and Master of the Year nomination-bound Mo Mouw, as expected, shared the podium with Cohen. Jesse Nelson, Paul Krumrich, Jim Felling and Jonathan Sage-Martinson took the next four places.

Late registrant Mary Beth Tuttle, a world-class nordic skier, picked up her sixth win since returning to the sport of triathlon in 2004, beating two-time Croixathlon champ Lindsay Marshall by almost five minutes. Former pro (like her husband) and cancer survivor Suzann Mouw finished 3rd.

In spite of the inclement conditions, approximately 260 participants made the trek to Camp St. Croix.

(Photo courtesy of Wally Milbrath / Wild River Tri Club. Talented trio: Mary Beth Tuttle, Suzann Mouw & Carolyn Milbrath.)