Sunday, June 14, 2009

Palmer & Yndestad spray the champagne at 20th Anniversary Manitou Sprint

(Devon Palmer digging deep with the finish line and the course record in sight. Photo by Christine Wood.)

If there was any doubt that Devon Palmer is the real deal, his course record performance today at Manitou should put the lid on it once and for all. Kevin O'Connor broke the course record he set last year--and still was 1:06 behind Palmer, who blazed in at 1:00:04. Curt Wood finished just 20 seconds behind O'Connor.

Cathy Yndestad took the women's race, as expected (her 4th win there), with Jeanne Fleck second and Alaskan Lori Deschamps, who won Liberty Olympic yesterday, in third.

The new double out-and-back swim course was "a big hit" according to race director Kris Swarthout. The change treated spectators to the opportunity to actually watch their athletes swim...and resulted in the delightful sight of 85-year-old triathlon fixture Bob Powers stroking into his opening swim, side-by-side with Kevin O'Connor on his second lap.
--Trudy Marshall