Thursday, October 1, 2009


Though it was the smallest turnout (64 athletes) in the 5-year BOUS Championship history, it was nevertheless the program's most talented assemblage to date. And it featured more elite swimmers--Kyle Hooker, Brian Duffy, Jr., Alice Henriques, Bethany Handley, Ross Hartley, Kevin Crossman et al--than ever before. These former collegiate stars set the pace for faster-than-expected racing. Twenty men and 21 women broke the old course records. Twelve men and 6 women broke the new citizen records that were set on this morning.

(Photo: Team Minnesota's Brian Bich is second from the left on the top row, and Brook Mutzenberger is third from the right in the bottom row.)

Team Minnesota:

* Brian Bich - 7th overall (1st Master)
* Brook Mutzenberger - 17th woman
* 7th Place in Fastest State Team Competition