Tuesday, October 13, 2009


(Competitive Image / Paul Phillips Photo: Devon doing what he does better than anyone else.)

St. Paul's Devon Palmer had a great race against a super field at the Toyota US Open Triathlon in Dallas last Sunday. It wasn't until the 2nd mile of the run that Pennsylvania's Brian Duffy pulled away from Palmer and strode on to victory.

Though he was not passed, Devon ultimately finished 4th. Later starters Nathan White of Des Moines, who closed with a 32:05 run split, and super rookie Sean Jefferson, an elite runner-turned-triathlete-just-seven-months-ago, slipped into the 1:12 gap between the winner and the St. Paul resident. FYI, Jefferson covered the final 10K in 31:02! Only two-time Olympic medalist Bevan Docherty (NZL), who placed 3rd in the pro race, ran faster, albeit by seconds.

Devon had every reason to be pleased with his effort. The three men who beat him will all receive USAT AOY consideration. Why? Duffy's '09 resume includes wins at New York City, Philadelphia, Nations and Best of the US. White's scorecard is highlighted by wins at Hy-Vee and Big Creek. And Jefferson's claim to fame is his 2nd place overall finish at Tuscaloosa, just 11 seconds behind National Champion Joey Maloy of Massachusetts.

The roster of elites that Palmer out-raced on Sunday was also very impressive, guys like National duathlon champion Nicholas Sterghos (4th) of Georgia, three-time AOY Honorable Mention Mark Harms (5th) of Wisconsin, Richmond, Virginia's very promising Rudy Kahsar (6th) and Washington DC's Zach Britton (7th). Who knows, maybe Devon will garner a AOY Honorable Mention.

We'll know next month. And if he's not honored this year, you can bet he will be in 2010.

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