Friday, May 15, 2009


Event Preview: The 2009 Midwest Multisport Series gets underway on Sunday, May 17 with the 17th running of the Gear West Duathlon. Can you believe this series is 11 years old? 

Easier to believe is that it is arguably the most competitive amateur tri/du series in the U.S. Just look at the website's start list. Though the current  roster hasn't been updated since April 20, it nevertheless features a Who's Who of regional, national and even World Class multisporters. Young studs like Patrick Parish,  Devon Palmer and Dennis Dane will be duking it out with wiley du-vets Chad Millner and Brooks Grossinger. Marlo McGaver, appropriately, will be the women's favorite, but can expect a great fight from two-time Oakdale Du champ Julie Hull, 2008 Minnesota Rookie of the Year, Kortney Haag, and the pre-season favorite to be crowned our state's Junior of the Year, Sarah Daniels, and a dozen or so, others. 

Our race coverage will not overlook the age group battles, which will be every bit as hotly contested as the fight for overall places.  Stay tuned.

It's time to, as the Series slogan echoes, Embrace the Feeling.