Sunday, May 10, 2009


Sarah Viamonte's 2nd place finish at the recent Oakdale Duathlon was a surprise to many. 

Her finish, while pleasing, did not come as an astonishment to Sarah herself, though. Or her coach Jeremy Sartain. She raced in 11 multis prior to her Oakdale effort, mostly in Alabama, and her results there certainly portend a very bright future.

Racing Highlights:

1st @ Treadman Duathlon '08
4th @ Whistlestop Duathlon '07
4th @ Alabama Coastal Triathlon '08
5th amateur @ Powerman Alabama '08
8th @ Buster Britton Triathlon '07 & '08

Personal Information:

* Age:  29
* Born:  Johnston, IA
* Occupation:  Neuropsychologist
(Will earn her Ph.D in Medical/Clinical Psychology and MSPH in Health Care Organization and Policy from the University of Alabama-Birmingham in August 2009.)
* Athletic Background:  Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Track
* College Athletics:  None
* Became a runner in 2004 ("To lose weight and quit smoking!")
* Fell in love with Triathlon late in 2006 after doing the swim leg of a relay.

Quote: "I am one of those athletes who really enjoy training. I am happy to get in about 3 hours a day, and usually more on the weekends. So, I guess I'm pretty serious about this sport."

Coach Sartain's two cents:  "As a neurophychologist, Sarah is way in touch with her brain. Once I get her to shut it off, she'll go from great to ridiculous."