Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Most triathletes in these parts know Joe Kandiko. And if they don't actually know him, they have nevertheless seen him often.

This is because Joe, aka "The Triathlonator," is as close as one can come to being omnipresent. He is arguably the most prolific endurance athlete in the Loon State. He races twice per weekend and would race more if it were logistically possible to do so.

But that was then.

"Race season is going to get a later start this year," the 59-year-old physician from Excelsior lamented. ..."stress fracture in January that didn't heal and didn't heal and the photo tells the rest," he went on to explain quasi-despondently, adding "this getting old stuff is for the birds."

How'd you break your foot, Joe? His answer was not forthcoming, leading one to draw one's own conclusions. Bar fight? Ballroom dancing gone awry? Heck, it may even have been a function of all the tri-training and racing he's done?

We may never know for sure.

Ya gotta admit that the pin connecting his cuboid bone and fifth metatarsal (a Jone's Fracture?) looks pretty cool. 

"That screw will probably be the only 'hardware' I get this season."

A moment later the "glass-half-full" Kandiko brightened. "I was able to secure repeat sponsorship from TeamAquaphor and TriSports.com BEFORE the fracture," he announced. "At least I will LOOK GOOD as I gimp along."