Sunday, November 22, 2009


Sunday - 6:25 PM - Another CR for Greg Taylor! Greg smoked the old 55-59 course best, taking it from 10:27:39 to 10:09:28! It's Taylor's second IM CR this year and could earn him a USAT Master of the Year HM. We'll see!

Way to go Brooks! Mayer's Brooks Grossinger just joined the Sub-10 Club! His PR time was 9:56:02!

Sunday - 5:05 PM - Samantha McGone sets the women's record, a brilliant 9:09:19!

Sunday - 4:50 PM - McGlone is still leading the women's race but Montana's Lindsay Corbin is only 3 1/2 minutes back with about 8K to go. Everyone, as expected, is slowing down. Michellie's mark may stand for another year.

Sunday - 4:15 PM - Scarborough, NY's Jordan Rapp has won Ironman Arizona. His 8:13:35 bettered Andreas Raelert's course record by 41 seconds and the time he (Rapp) recorded here in November '08 by 6:10. Rapp was also victorious at Ironman Canada last August. As he did in April '08*, Des Moines' TJ Tollakson finished 2nd, his 8:20:22, lowering his PB by 12 minutes.

(* There were two Ironman Arizona races in 2008. Several errors were made in earlier editions of this post. Thanks to the ever-observant Terrance Lee for updating our information.)

Canada's Samantha McGlone appears to be in control of the women's race. And, yes, Michellie Jone's CR (9:12:53) is in jeopardy.

Sunday - 3:50 PM - Through the swim and bike portions of today's Ironman Arizona several Minnesotans are racing strongly. Remember, it's 140.6 and anything can happen (and often does). Nevertheless, Greg Taylor and Ben Ewers are on pace to set divisional records and Brooks Grossinger and Jennifer Lenarz, appear to be heading for personal bests.