Monday, July 27, 2009


Will nine-time Brewhouse Champ Brian Bich be ready to rock 'n roll on Sunday? Is he still nursing the calf-strain that kept him out of HOLT? And what about Marlo McGaver? Will she be there?

The men's field will be very solid, featuring two-time champ and Pro CR holder David Thompson, who seems to blow away records every time he toes the line this season; Amateur CR holder Curt Wood; and yes, nine-time winner and owner of six of the 12 fastest times in Brewhouse history, Brian Bich.

While David can be expected to go off the front, Curt and Brian will have all they can handle keeping Patrick Parish at bay. The field also includes local star Josh Blankenheim, and don't be surprised if Thunder Bay's Jon Balabuck, who is not currently registered, shows up. Balabuck owns two of the event's 10 fastest times.

Also in the mix will be 45-year-old Rhett Bonner, who is racing brilliantly this season.

The women's field hasn't taken shape as yet. Two-time champion and course record holder Marlo McGaver has yet to sign-up and masters phenom Jeanne Fleck has yet to decide which of the races to enter (she won the short course race in record time last year). She had this to say (via email):

"I'm ..not sure whether it will be the sprint or the long course yet. I have calcaneal bursitis and some achilles problems so I may have to opt for the sprint (short run) if we can't get it calmed down before the weekend. I'm optimistic that it will be fine and I will do the long course, but we'll see.

World Duathlon Championships is coming up (September) and it's the race that has been the focus of all my training this year. So, I don't want to set my running back any further by pushing my luck this weekend. Either way, we will be there on Sunday." -JF

If Marlo opts not to race and Jeanne takes the conservative route (short course), the women's favorite should be 2006 Rookie of the Year Marta Lewinski. For the last two seasons, Marta's racing has been compromised by health issues (asthma). Fingers are crossed for Ms. Lewinski. Let's hope that the race on Sunday marks the beginning of her reemergence.

UPDATE: MTN has just learned via e-mail that both Marlo McGaver and Jon Balabuck will be racing at Brewhouse on Sunday.