Saturday, July 11, 2009


(Sugar Lake, the site of the Timberman Triathlon, is a little slice of heaven on earth.)

(Cohasset, MN - July 11, 2009) Emerging from early season doldrums, Eden Prairie's Dan Cohen is starting to race like his old self. Encouraged by his recent win at Croixathlon, Dan returned to Timberman hoping to defend his 2008 title.

He did just that. And in authoritative fashion.

Likewise, Duluth's Marlo McGaver made it look easy in the women's race. Marlo was originally scheduled to race at Life Time Fitness. To the chagrin of fellow Duluthian Angel Hohenstein and Hopkin's Lydia Novatny, the ladies who appeared destined for a 1-2 finish (in either order), she decided to race at little closer to home. Instead they--Angel and Lydia--duked-it-out for 2nd and 3rd.

For McGaver, it was her 2nd Timberman victory. She also won in 2006.

In a post-race email, Marlo had this to say:

"Yes it was another great event this year. The bike course there is my favorite--challenging and on nice safe roads. Lots of friendly support on the run."

Race Director Kathy Kooda briefly summed up the event in an email.

"From my point of was awesome! We had mild winds & no humidity...We had positive feedback from racers again! No major incidents...everyone had smiling faces and we are so thankful for another year under our belt. July 10, 2010 - mark your calendars."

Later she had this to add:

" an FYI, a wedding band was lost, and we had some locals go back to their cabin and get two metal detectors. After over 40 minutes of...searching through grass, it was discovered. I guess you could say it was just some of that small town classy service you get at Timberman?"

Brett "The Toe" Lovaas finished 3rd in the men's race behind Cohen and Brooks Grossinger. The toe he injured at RochesterFest didn't seem to slow him down. Brett had this to say about his digit and his T-Man experience:

"I think the toe is fine for racing. I can still feel something there, not a hurt, just something. Besides, it's only a toe, I have 9 more right! A little nervous for Racine, but more excited than anything.

"Timberman was fun. The swim was fairly choppy and wavy. I felt strong through the swim. I thought I was going fast on the bike until Dan Cohen came humming by me (man was he moving!). There was a back stretch of road that seemed to go uphill forever...and into the wind...twice. That was rough. The run was the run. I knew right after the turnaround that Brooks G was going to catch me, but I had a pretty good notion that I could hang on for 3rd. I was happy with how I raced. Weather was good...all in all a great trip!"

Top honors in the accompanying short course T-Man taken Grand Rapids' Mark Johnson and tri-rookie Tara Croteau of Duluth.