Friday, July 3, 2009


Pictured above are the top 3 Elite Men and Women at the Lake Waconia BOUS Qualifier: Top - Matt Payne - 3rd, Kevin O'Connor - 2nd, Brian Bich - 1st; Bottom - Brook Mutzenberger - 1st, Jan Guenther - 2nd, Susan Williams - 3rd. Brian and Brook will represent Minnesota at the Best of the US Championship on September 27 in Mission Viejo, CA. (Photos by Denny Johnson.)

In the first four years of the Best of the US Amateur Champions Competition, Minnesotans have truly distinguished themselves, both at their state qualifier and at the National Championship, where they've earned 6 individual and 3 state awards. There is no reason to believe that this trend will not continue.

At the BOUS Championship the top 10 men and women receive awards, as do the top 5 state teams. Here's how the Minnesotans fared:

2005 - Brian Bich -3rd; Emily Deppe - 8th; 5th - Fastest State Team
2006 - Brian Bich - 9th; Cathy Yndestad - 6th; 3rd -Fastest State Team
2007 - Jeremy Sartain - 15th; Cathy Yndestad - 3rd; 5th - Fastest State Team
2008 - Brian Bich - 3rd; Marlo McGaver - 16th; 6th - Fastest State Team