Sunday, September 13, 2009


(Paul Phillips / Competitive Image Photos: Jan Guenther en route to her amateur win at Ironman Wisconsin.)

(Madison, WI - September 13, 2009) In what is arguably the US Age Group Performance of the Year, 50-year-old Jan Guenther was the top female amateur at Ironman Wisconsin today.

If our information is correct, here's what she accomplished:

* 1st amateur / 8th woman Overall
* Her 10:28:19! was 11:27 faster than the 2nd fastest time by at 50+ woman in an Ironman this year.
* Her 10:28:19 is the 2nd fastest 50+ women's IM time ever! (The WB--10:22:54--was set at Ironman Florida on a vastly less challenging route.)
* Her 10:28:19 was 7:40 faster than Laura Sophiea's Hawaiian Ironman course record.
* Her 10:28:19 was 11:24 faster than the 2nd fastest amateur female at IMWI.
* Her 10:28:19 lowered IMWI's 50-54 course record by 1 hour, 17 minutes and 37 seconds.
* Her 10:28:19 is the 4th fastest women's time in IMWI history. Jan also owns the 2nd fastest time--10:24:42--set in 2002. (She now owns the 2 fastest masters times ever at IMWI.)
* Her 10:24:19 is a US 50+ Women's Record.

Jan's Splits: Swim - 1:03:02, Bike - 5:28:29, Run - 3:48:23 (Combined transitions: 8:25)

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