Wednesday, September 9, 2009


From the fun-loving yet profoundly disturbed mind of Rod Raymond comes the Burrito Union 5 & 10 Triathlon, which celebrates its 3rd anniversary on Saturday.

Are you up for the challenge?

We hope so. This event is just too goshdarn cool!

Participants have three options. They can compete individually (Fat Capitalists), as part of a two-person team (Imperialists) with each person alternating triathlons, or as a three-person team (Comrades) where each member does one leg per triathlon. The goal is to do as many triathlons as possible within a five or 10 hour period.

Each tri consists of a 600m swim, 14 mile bike and 5K run. Eight tris (3 miles of swimming - 112 miles of cycling - 40.8 miles of running) is the equivalent distance of slightly more than an ironman.

In the first two years of the event, no athlete has completed 8 tris in the 10-hour period. This year's record field has two men--Thunder Bay's Jonathan Balabuck and Columbia Heights Matthew Payne--who are capable of doing so.

The question is: Will they?

Interested in registering or learning more of the Burrito Union 5 & 10? Link: