Saturday, September 5, 2009


Thea Fleming is one of 230 Minnesotans who are entered in next weekend's Ironman Wisconsin. It will be her maiden voyage at 140.6.

Thea, are you nervous?

"I'm feeling good about WI. I have trained hard all year and have raced well this summer. I am looking forward to Sunday."

What's your race plan?

"I want to have a controlled and consistent pace on the swim and bike so that I feel good on the run. And I'll need to stay ahead on my fueling. I'm looking forward to a good end to a great summer and sharing the experience with my family and friends who are both spectating and racing."

Tell us about your fueling plan?

"I'm going to use sport drink and water, shock blocks, sport beans and power gels, and put some fig newtons in my special needs bag along with a diet coke. I want to eat every 20 miles or when I'm feeling hungry or sluggish."

You've been very successful at the half IM distance this year (two 2nd place overall finishes; PR - 4:49:41). Are you hoping for a fast time in Madison?

"I hope to finish between 10:15 and 11 but my ultimate goal is to enjoy the experience and to finish my first IM."

On Thea Fleming's IM-Moo application she correctly listed her occupation as "Registered Nurse." The majority of the 229 other Minnesotans who will be participating on Sunday did not fib about their respective professions.

But several did.

And these disturbed people deserve to be exposed. Hopefully, some of these folks will seek professional help.

Minnesota's fibbers and their "occupations":

* James Elmquist - "Hotel."

* Shelly Gertgen - "Legal"

* Tyler Kilbury - "Romantic"

* Bryan Logue - "Goat Roper"

* Nicholas McCulloch - "Snake Charmer"

* Montgomery Mouw - "Professional Cage Fighter"

* Joe Moyer - "Professional Cat Wrangler"

* Scott Ross - "Underwear Model"

* Karl Schultz - "Cow Tipper"

* Matt Thell - "Make of Yogurt"

* Graeme Webster - "Head, Department of Redundancy Department"

(Photo by YndeCam. Thea Fleming en route to a 2nd place finish at Liberty Half.)