Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Mound's Jan Guenther has already made her mark at Ironman Wisconsin. In 2002, she was the fastest amateur overall and set a masters record--10:24:42--that still stands. Only one other amateur woman in the history of this race has gone faster. Germany's Isabella Jungfer went 10:19:28 in 2007.

Now 50, Jan will almost certainly set another record at IMWI on Sunday. The 50-54W's mark--Tamsen Schurmen's 11:45:56 set in 2008--is soft. Barring mechanical catastrophe and/or hellacious weather, Guenther should drop this mark by more than one hour.

If all goes well this weekend, Jan may accomplish more than just the rewriting of a single event's AG record. She may approach, or even eclipse, some of the international milestones* established by 50-54 women.

* Fastest IM time by a 50-54W in 2009 - 10:39:46 by German Gabi Celette at Quelle Challenge in Roth, Germany.

* 50-54W World Best - 10:22:54 set by Germany's Brigitte Beil at Ironman Florida in 2008.

* 50-54W Course Record at Hawaiian Ironman World Championships - 10:35:59 by Georgia's Laura Sophiea in 2005.

(YndeCam Photo: Jan Guenther at Lake Waconia.)