Thursday, August 6, 2009


(Nevis, MN - August 6, 2009) Saturday's running of the 7th annual North Woods Triathlon should feature, weather permitting, a course record effort from four-time NT champ Brooks Gossinger. Brooks' 2009 performances have fluctuated between "very good" and "brilliant" this season. Expect him to win by a two-to-three minute margin. And be surprised if anyone other than masters ace Jim Graif nabs 2nd place.

Three-time NT winner Michelle Andres is slated to defend her title. If she shows up--she hasn't raced in a Minnesota multi this year--she should do just that, though rust may prevent her from bettering her course record. (Has she been injured? Is she eschewing racing to concentrate on ironman training?) If she doesn't show, then runaway winner at Paul Bunyan Olympic, Christel Kippenhan should take the top prize.