Sunday, August 16, 2009


(Lakeville, MN - August 16, 2009) Dennis Dane picked up his 2nd career victory and Jeanne Fleck garnered her 4th--3rd of 2009--at the 2nd edition of the Lake Marion Triathlon on Sunday. Dennis' time, 1:04:56, lowered Brett Lovaas' course record by 43 seconds. Fleck's 1:16:03 knocked the women's masters record down by a behemoth 11:23.

Race Director's Recap:

4:30 - Woke up and saw the massive storms coming in... Ugh oh, Turtleman part deux, I thought.

5:30 - Rain moves in an it's pouring. Doppler looks encouraging, but I'm not sold! Luckily our course was already set up and we could slow down a bit (volunteers that is).

6:15 - Rain stops completely and it becomes perfect race weather!

7:30 - Elite and relay wave heads out. Overcast and light winds. Ugh, what a relief.

Nick Madrinich killed the swim. Took out a HS All American (Liz Kleiner) and a D-1 swimmer (Robert Gorycki) from my club (granted he had a wetsuit and they didn't, but still!).

A 3-man "pack" formed on the bike, consisting of Lovaas, Dane and Joe Langel. They came in nearly together with Dennis out of T2 slightly ahead. After that it was all Dennis! He beat Brett by 1:50 or so on the run and won going away.

The womens side was closer than expected!

Teresa Breist came out of the water with a 3 (that's right!) minute lead on the elite field. She did her best to hang on, but Jeanne Fleck was just too strong. She cut 2:50 off on the bike to pull nearly even and then beat her....on the run to win by 50 seconds.

It was just the best day. I think the potential for bad weather made people a bit glum on the way out, but when it cleared off, spirits shot through the roof. At the finish line it was all smiles!

- Chuck Smith

(Ed. NOTE: LMT Race Director Chuck Smith was the Minnesota Rookie of the Year in 2003 and has twice been nominated for Triathlete of the Year (2003, 2004). He is a two-time Inside Triathlon All American. He won the Life Time Fitness Triathlon in 2003 and the Turtleman in 2004. He finished 6th overall at USAT Nationals in '03, his first full season in the Sport.)

(Photos by Greg Fleck. Top - A happy Dennis Dane nears the finish line. Bottom - Jeanne Fleck making a big splash in Lake Marion.)