Monday, August 24, 2009


Minnesota is not generally perceived to be a "duathlon" state, but a closer look reveals otherwise.

Iron Girl-Bloomington is the largest women's du in the country.

Then there's the venerable Apple, which is arguably the most competitive "small" du (under 500 participants) in America.

And now there's the Minneapolis Duathlon, with 1100+ entrants, the largest run-bike-run in the U.S. Not a bad turnout for an inaugural event.

The MD will not only be large, it will also be very competitive.

Eden Prairie's Dan Cohen (see photo) and Medina's Kevin O'Connor come into the event as the men's favorites.

Duluth's Marlo McGaver, who finished 2nd in the voting for US Duathlete of the Year in 2008, is the clear women's favorite. Jeanne Fleck of Proctor, and Minneapolis' Catherine Lee could fill out the podium.

Let's look at the du creds of these gifted athletes:


2009 - 1st @ Oakdale Duathlon
1st amateur @ Apple (6th overall)
(Kevin is a strong candidate for 2009 Minnesota Duathlete of the Year.)

Career - 2nd @ Oakdale '07; 1991 Triathlon Today! All American Duathlete


Career - 1st @ Oakdale Duathlon '07; 2nd @ Apple '08; 2nd @ Gear West '07; 3rd @ Gear West '08; 3rd @ Oakdale '07; 4th @ Apple '07. Dan was nominated for Minnesota Duathlete of the Year in 2007.


2009 - 1st @ Apple; 2nd @ Gear West

Career - 4-time winner of The Apple; 4-time winner of Iron Girl-Bloomington; 3-time winner of the Duluth Duathlon; 2-time winner of Chequamegon Fat Tire Du; 2007 winner at Gear West; 3-time Minnesota Duathlete of the Year (2008, 2007, 2006)


2009 - 3rd @ Gear West; 6th (1st master) @ Apple

Career - 4th @ Iron Girl-Bloomington '08 (Masters Record); 7th @ Apple '08 (1st Master); 6th @ Iron Girl-Bloomington '07 (1st Master)


Career - 2nd @ Oakdale Duathlon '03; 4th @ Iron Girl-Bloomington '07; 4th @ Gear West '06