Monday, August 17, 2009


MTN asked decorated multisportsman Kevin O'Connor, who finished 3rd at Pigman Half on Sunday, to describe the conditions on race day:

"It was with-out a doubt, with-out comparison, unequivocally the worst conditions I have ever raced in. The wind was much worse than Waconia out on the bike. Waconia's ride was easy compared to Pigman. It was simply indescribable. With that said the swim at Waconia was definitely much harder than Pigman.

"To give you an idea of how much the wind blew you around, Kerry Yndestand, Jeremy Sartain, and David Thompson all broke a wheel when the wind blew them across the road and they hit a pothole. You didn't have much control over your bike or where you were riding. The weather dictated your location."

(Cathy Yndestad Photo: Kevin O'Connor is glad to be off the bike at Pigman XII.)