Monday, August 10, 2009


(Devon Palmer has been riding away from the competition in 2009. Photo by

Triathlete Devon Palmer is probably the fastest cyclist in amateur racing. Heck, there are only a handful of pros who can keep pace with him. Only 22 years old, Palmer is redefining how races get won in our region. The St. Paul resident came into the season with two modest victories on his resume, but is now two mphs faster in the saddle--from 25 to 27-plus--than last year and the wins are piling up. As a result, he's a shoo-in for several MMA nominations, including Triathlete of the Year. If that award were given today, he'd win hands-down. And more significantly, he will go into the USAT Age Group National Championships on August 22 in Tuscaloosa, AL as one of the overall favorites.

Devon's 2009 Highlights:

* 1st @ Manitou Sprint - Course Record 1:00:04
* 1st @ Life Time Fitness Elite - Arguably the deepest amateur men's field in the U.S. thus far in 2009.
* 1st @ Heart of the Lakes - His 1:27:45 is the fastest amateur time since 1995.
* 1st @ Turtleman Duathlon - He covered the 21.5 mile bike in 45:55 (28.1 mph).