Sunday, August 23, 2009


(Baxter, MN - August 23, 2008) Richfield Steve Sander had one of "those days." You know, where everything works. There's probably an astrological explanation for these kinds of occurrences.

Stringing three brilliant splits together, Sander, who also won the Young Life Olympic Tri eight days earlier, covered the 1/2 - 17.3 - 3.9 course in 1:14:21, which was 2:36 faster than Dennis Dane's 2007 course best. The resurgent Greg Rhodes of St. Paul, also slipped under the old mark.

The women's race was won by late registrant Christel Kippenhan of Bemidji. Her 3rd victory of the season, Professor Kippenhan's 1:29:42 lowered Melinda Silbernick's five-year-old masters record by almost a minute.

Christel's win didn't come easy. Down by 36 seconds when she exited T2, she had to run down super cyclist Leah Prudhomme of Andover, to claim her 4-second triumph.

The Lakes Country Triathlon was the final race of this year's Tri-Minnesota Series. Final Series Standings are posted elsewhere in this week.

(Photo: Christel Kippenhan after her victory at Northwoods.)