Saturday, February 13, 2010


(YndeCam Photo: Cathy & Devon celebrate their victories at Life Time Fitness.)

Apple Valley's Cathy Yndestad, who was recently named 2009 USAT Female Athlete of the Year, has also earned Inside Triathlon's highest age group award: Triathlete of the Year. She tops an ultra select group--only 9!-- of IT 2009 Female All Americans. She's the Best of the Best!

In alphabetical order, Cathy's fellow AAs are: Kathleen Calkins (CA), Jenny Fletcher (CA), Bethany Handley (OK), Mandy McLane (FL), Linda Robb (FL - Master of the Year), Rhae Shaw (WA), Kaitlin Shiver (FL) and Lindsay Whalen (IL). What an amazing group of talented women!

Pennsylvanian Brian Duffy, Jr. topped the men's IT All American roster, a group that included St. Paul's Devon Palmer. The other seven men on this august list, in alpha order, are: Doug Clark (NJ - Master of the Year), Mark Harms (WI), Ross Hartley (OH), Tim Hola (CO), Joey Maloy (MA), Christopher Thomas (CT) and Nathan White (IA).

2009 was truly an amazing year for Minnesota's standard-setting triathletes.

UPDATE: Cathy commented on being named IT Triathlete of the Year via e-mail from Arizona:

"It’s energizing to be recognized for this award. To be placed in the company of the Ironman AG World Champion Kathleen Calkins, Biker extraordinaire Rhea Shaw, and US Open Champion Mandy McLane is astonishing to me. I guess in this case, consistency was highly valued, as these other women have proven themselves as the fastest in their respective distances when they race with their ‘A’ game. It’s also very satisfying to see other athletes from the Upper Midwest (Devon, Mark, Nathan) making this distinguished list." CY

JUST IN: Devon's e-mail comments:

"This is a very nice honor, I've raced most of these guys and know just how strong they are. To be mentioned as one of the best in the nation is not something I'm exactly used to, so it's a real pleasure. This is also a nice boost to my confidence; I was worried because just a week ago a 15-year-old was telling me how badly he was going to kick my ass in four years - though he will probably have to learn to break 6 minutes for a 500 before he does. Thanks IT and MN Tri News." DP