Saturday, February 27, 2010


(Photo's: Above - Anne graduating from Gustavus Adolphus in 1982. Left - Anne and husband Duncan--empty nesters--in Telluride. Below left- Anne age 1.)

Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee. What could be truer than that? Equally indubitable is that nobody doesn't like Anne Lee, either.

How could they?

Anne is a lapsed triathlete who is still very much a member of The Clan. Winner of the inaugural Lakes Country Triathlon, known then as the "Wipple Wave," and the 1998 Timberman, where she out-sprinted Robin Quist for the title, Anne hasn't raced in half a decade but still maintains intimate ties with the sport and many of its practitioners. She still trains, volunteers at events, is an enthusiastic spectator at races and is a member of the Minnesota Multisport Awards Selection Committee.

And she is insanely pretty and even more insanely likable. As the song goes, "to know, know, know her is to love, love, love her." (Or to put it less mushily, "to know, know, know her is to like, like, like her a whole lot.") Ergo: Nobody doesn't like Anne Lee.

Anne is tall (5'11") as are her husband and two great kids. She has an amazing, albeit not ostentatious, fashion sense. Clothes don't make her look good. She makes them look good. She's 50 and could pass for 35. She gregarious and loves to travel and being a great friend just comes naturally to her.

Have a look at her answers to our "Going Off-Course" questionnaire see if you don't agree: Nobody doesn't like Anne Lee.

Occupation: Before kids: Cargill Financial Markets, After kids: part-time jobs

College/Degrees: Gustavus Adolphus College, class of '82 BA in Economics, minor in French

Family: Husband-Duncan, Son-Nick (21), Daughter-Allison (19) Both attend The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul

Age: 50 (Yikes! Where does the time go?)


Books: Presently reading "Born to Run", about a tribe of distance runners in Mexico's Copper Canyon. I prefer non-fiction books, usually about, "Eat, Pray, Love", "On Mexican Time", "Without Reservations" and many others.

Movies: "English Patient", "Chocolat", foreign or low-budget artsy films.

TV Shows: I don't watch much, other th an news shows.

Alcoholic Beverages: Wine, beer and an occasional cosmo (martini) with girlfriends.

Junk Food: Peanut M & M's, nachos with all the works, McDonald's french fries, my daughter's homemade chocolate chip cookies

Restaurants: Not particular-I don't enjoy cooking and would rather do the cleanup!

Meal: A good steak with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus-and red wine

Ice Cream: DQ

Non-Tri Hobbies: Hiking with Duncan in Colorado, biking with Heidi on a warm, sunny summer morning (we are fair weather riders only), hanging out with my family (dog & cat included), spontaneous gatherings with neighbors, travel

Vacation Destination: Telluride, Colorado for the rugged beauty and unpretentiousness, Southern France, Italy, Boston (lived and worked there after college), anywhere else with scenic beauty...loved Alaska and Montana.

Dream Job: My Cargill job was my dream job due to the International component... buying & selling financial instruments world wide.

Tattoos? Yes, on left ankle. Done while still on the "endorphin high" after completing "Ride the Rockies"....just keeping a promise I made.

Heros: On a personal group of college friends (and my sister Katie). These are women who have maintained careers AND raised great kids. They have very little time for themselves, yet never complain. I have great respect for that.