Monday, February 1, 2010


MTN congratulates very tall tri-stud Curt and his not tall photographer studette wife, Christine Wood * on the birth of their first child--future Olympic swimmer Sebastian Christopher--last weekend. "Seb," a sobriquet the couple may or may not choose to use, weighed 8' 2 oz. and measured 20-inches long. He was born on Sunday at 9:19 am.

* Christine did NOT take the picture you see here, of course. She was busy. Her sister took this shot.

"Going Off-Course" with the new dad.

Here's some stuff you may not have known about Curt Wood:

Colleges? Degrees? BS in Marketing from MSU, Mankato; Masters in Teaching, Bethel U.

Family - Christine and Sebastian (born Jan 31st... 8 lbs 2 oz)

Faves -

Books - Lately I'm into the John Sanford 'Prey' series. I've also

been reading the very applicable "Happiest Baby on the Block" by Dr. Karp.

Movies - All time: Contact, Shawshank Redemption, English Patient.

Recently: Paranormal Activity, Up

TV Shows - Dexter, Kitchen Nightmares

Actors & Actresses - Robert Downey Jr, Tom Hanks, Justin Long, Jodie Foster

Junk Food - Market Pantry Tortilla Chips.

Restaurants - Jasmine Deli in Mpls. Ruby Tuesdays.

Cartoon - Simpsons and Family Guy

Alcoholic Beverages - Trader Joes cheapo wine. Best bang for your buck!

Meal - Omelette and pancakes.

Ice Cream flavor - coffee and mint

Favorite T-shirt - Waconia 06. Everyone else thinks the sleeves are too long but I love it.

Boxers? Tighty Whities? 100% boxer briefs. Colors and styles vary

Tattoos? Body Piercings? Any self-mutilation? nope.

And anything you want to add that you think is cool, odd or otherwise compelling?

Sebastian Wood (aka Big Seb as he will be known) is shooting

for the 2032 Olympics. 1500 Meter Free will be his specialty.