Sunday, April 11, 2010


Prison Break!?

Darin Wieneke

Thirty-six prisoners of Alcatraz Island Federal Penitentiary tried to escape. None succeeded. On May 2, 2010, numerous daring Minnesotans will attempt to accomplish something these hardened criminals were not able to complete. These Minnesotans will fight the frigid waters and strong currents of San Francisco Bay for 1.5 miles, flee 1 mile to their “hidden” bikes, race 18 miles over steep hills and around sharp turns, then scamper 8 miles to avoid their pursuers in order to officially ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ!

MTN will chronicle the journey of 4 Minnesotans who will brave all of the challenges that Alcatraz has to offer. This will be the first prison break attempt ever made by these outlaws. They are:

Gabby Keller (Top Right)
Crime: Being too fast for her age.

PHOTO: (Smiley Guy - Right)
David Swanson: Crime: Smile-ophile

Jennifer Martone (Blonde girl with really white teeth)
Crime: Just looks guilty of something...

Darin Wieneke (Top Left)
Crime: Wearing Lycra to court.

In order to assist in their escape attempt, MTN has conspired with veteran Escape artists
David Thompson and Laura Sampsell Hoffman (on bike) to provide advice on tackling Alcatraz.