Wednesday, April 7, 2010


By Gale Bernhardt

When you read the title of the column, you might think I'm referring to the various performance enhancing drug scandals in professional sports—the Festina affair and OperaciĆ³n Puerto in cycling, or perhaps the BALCO scandal involving Major League Baseball players as well as U.S.A. Track and Field athletes.

As many have already stated, and I agree, the cheaters in these incidents are bad for sport. In order to make sport a fair playing field, those that cheat the rules need to be dealt with and appropriately punished. They steal more than podium positions and glory from other athletes, they steal from the integrity of sport.

Is there integrity in sport? Many of the drug users have pleaded, "Everyone is cheating and in order for me to be on an equal playing field, I too need to take performance enhancing drugs." READ