Saturday, April 3, 2010


(Photo: Jeremy and a pretty girl. Cartoon - An artist's rendering of Kai Sartain based on ultrasound images that are affixed to Jeremy's refrigerator with Barney magnets.)

By Jeremy Sartain

This is the month that Kai arrives. Yep, our future son will be named Kai. He’s due mid-April, but could come at any time. The past week I’ve been busy (with some great help) gutting and replacing the master bathroom and basement bathroom. It turned out to be a much bigger project than anticipated, but that’s always how these things go. Tonight the master bath will be complete, and I will have the basement done tomorrow. We are also getting new carpetting for the master bedroom which is greatly needed as the old stuff is essentially rolling up, stained in many places, and just plain ugly. READ

Jeremy Sartain has won three MMAs since becoming a triathlete in 2005: Rookie of the Year '05, Most Improved '06, and Thorpe Running Inspiration '08.