Thursday, April 15, 2010


A Public Service e-mail from Scott Tripps (photo):

Hi, MTN.

I’m not sure how to put a note up on the blog, or if this is something you want on it...

I hope this serves as a polite request and gentle reminder for the Triathlete community headed west for rides...

I coach a lot of triathletes in the masters swimming program at
Hopkins. Great people! I’ve even competed in three triathlons myself (1992, 1999, and 2006 – I’m on the seven year plan! J) Last year, I began serving as a police reserve in Wayzata for speci
al events. It is hard, yet unfortunately justified at times, when the police department is frustrated with cyclists and triathletes. Since many cyclists and triathletes come through Wayzata en route to their weekend rides, I would encourage everyone to obey the traffic laws (particularly at intersections) in Wayzata and S.T.O.P. for three reasons:

1. Safety: Wayzata is a community that has thousands of cars traveling through the small city daily and lends itself to many pedestrians (from strollers, to young children, to youth, parents and grandparents);
Ticket: Wayzata will ticket traffic offenders... Yes... Even those on bikes (it is the law); and
Oh yes... and a Positive image: Let’s present a respectful, positive image of the sport to the public and to local authorities.

Have a great season everyone!

Scott Tripps