Thursday, April 1, 2010


(Photo: From Buffalo Triathlon '08 - Minnesota tri-studettes Kate MCann, Mary Beth Tuttle and 2004 Triathlete of the Year, Becky Youngberg.)

Not long ago we asked star nordic skier / triathlete Mary Beth Tuttle to share her 2010 ski results with MTN. This is her response:


Sorry about the delay. My dad is in very poor health and I've been spending as much time with him as possible. This past ski season was by far my most challenging season ever on so many levels. I needed to race a lot in order to try to win the Skinny Ski Series/ A trip to Iceland for me and my 11 year old son. My son and I were supposed to go last year but he ruptured his appendix a few weeks prior to our departure. We spent 9 days at Children's Hospital instead. Thankfully, the extra racing paid off. We will both be participating in the

Fossavatn Ski Race on May 1st in Isafjodur, Iceland. I will do a 50K classic race and he will do a 7K classic race. However, due to multiple family/personal issues, I will most likely take this year’s triathlon season off. Hopefully I will be back next year, it's such a wonderful community.

So here are my results from this past ski season:

Dec 13th Pre-Season Physcial 8K 1st

Dec. 19th Elk River 20K skate 4th

Jan 2nd Twin Cities Championship 10K Classic 4th

Jan 17th Boulder Lake Ski Race 31K 1st

Jan 23rd Pepsi Challenge 24K Classic 2nd

Nordic Spirit 25K skate 1st

City of Lakes Loppet 31K skate 7th

Feb. 14th Mora Vasaloppet 35K skate 1st

Feb 20th MN Finlandia 25K Pursuit 1st

Feb 27 American Birkiebeiner 51K skate 7th

- Mary Beth