Monday, January 4, 2010


By our count-- Calendar--69 adult outdoor tris and dus (not including paddle tris) will be staged in Minnesota in 2010.


And most will draw satisfying numbers.

Registration has already opened for at least 39 of the aforementioned multis. One of those events--2009 Race of the Year Lake Minnetonka--should fill any day now.

In Minnesota's "quality conscious" tri culture, many races have limited enrollment ceilings. Many events, like Minneman, Timberman, Manitou and Liberty to name but a few, that could easily draw four-digit fields accept 500 or fewer entrants.

And be aware that some of the great newer events--Trinona, RochesterFest, Wingman etc.--should lure record attendance and be forced to close early. Also, the brand new Maple Grove Triathlon has a great date, a super venue and a 500-entrant limit. Procrastination can leave you on the sidelines.

The point is this: Now is the time to plan your racing schedule. And do your research. Contact race directors (or us) and monitor registration activity. And understand that several of our races will fill by March 1. Some much sooner than that.