Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Do you know this guy?

Sure you do. You may not recall his name but you've seen him at races and at Gear West Bike & Tri. Tall, pleasant dude. Doesn't shave very often.

His name is Trent Schroeder and he's a really cool guy. (A latter-day hippie, no less!)

He's going to have heart surgery (leaky valve) on Friday. Tri-stud and father-to-be Curt Wood, who is also very tall, posted a great interview of Trent on the Gear West blog site: READ

We also asked Trent to fill out a "Going Off-Course" Questionnaire. Here are his answers. You'll note that his kids have really cool names, he loves seriously hoppy beer and that he looks forward to playing "I'll-Show-You-Mine-If-you-Show-Me-Yours" after his surgery.

And his favorite meal consists of Twix and Mt. Dew.

College: BA in Communication Studies from the University of Iowa (Go Hawks)

Family - Wife Emily, and two sons Finan (3) and Eli (1)

Trent's Faves -

Books - Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

Movies - Star Wars--not that it's the greatest movie, but it's the first thing that made me go wow as a kid.

TV Shows - 30 Rock

Actors & Actresses - Nobody specific--but Pitt in Snatch is awesome.

Junk Food - Anything that is bad for me--my favorite "meal" is a Twix and a Mt. Dew

Restaurants - Kings Restaurant in Minneapolis

Cartoon - I really enjoyed the recent Pixar movie UP, but it isn't really a cartoon. Oh well.

Alcoholic Beverages - Beer--Surly Furious is the best thing on the planet

Meal - I love pizza--specifically Pizza Luce, but most will do

Ice Cream flavor - Chocolate

Favorite T-shirt - Lake Waconia Tri from 2002--my first tri ever.

Boxers? Tighty Whities? Boxer briefs

Tattoos? Body Piercings? Any self-mutilation? I had both ears pierced in college, but have not worn earrings since I cut all my hair off.

And anything you want to add that you think is cool, odd or otherwise compelling?

I'm just not that interesting. I think having the zipper scar running down my chest will be a great feature? HA. For some reason being a vegetarian throws people for a loop, not sure why.