Friday, January 8, 2010


Going "Off-Course" with Team Minnesota's Marnie Walth. (WARNING: Much of what is printed here is made-up.)

Marlina Walth is a proud North Dakotan. In fact, she's a a model citizen for the state that she robustly claims to be "one of the two best Dakotas in America."

What does it mean to be a "model" North Dakotan, you ask?

First of all it means that you were born and raised on a farm and that you've known how to drive a tractor since you were 11. It also means that you unashamedly own and listen to scratchy old Lawrence Welk records. ("The Minot Polka" is Marnie's favorite song!)

As a model North Dakotan, it should come as no surprise that Marnie's favorite food is Fleischkuekle (see disgusting photo below), which she prepares with bison meat--VERY North Dakotaish!--instead of ground beef. She likes to serve her Fleischkuekles with ice cream, thereby insuring that at least one of the components of the meal will actually taste good. She likes to wash her meal down with several jelly jar glasses full of North Dakota's finest Rhubarb Wine, which can be purchased at Prairie Liquors in Mandan for $2.99 a gallon.

As a young adult, Marnie moved to Bismarck because she liked the name. It reminded her of her second favorite food. It was there that she met Shane (or Zane?) Walth, got married, had several remarkable children, cut back on her Rhubarb wine consumption (one jelly jar a day) and became a very fast runner and triathlete.

(NOTE: We thank Marnie and our many wonderful friends from the great state of North Dakota for being such good sports.)