Monday, January 11, 2010


Going "Off-Course" with Team Minnesota's Kevin O'Connor.

Kevin O'Connor likes to improve things. A decade ago, he bought an already successful business and made it even better. In doing so, he's dramatically improved the quality of life of his family members, employees and customers. Not surprisingly, at the top of his list of hobbies is home improvement projects.

When you read Kevin's answers to our questionnaire you'll detect a patriotic thread. As one who lives and reveres the American Dream, he values hard work and fairness and believes that respect, like wealth, must be earned.

Kevin O'Connor has certainly earned our respect and gratitude.

Occupation: Owner, Gear West Bike & Tri

College? Where? Degrees? Iowa State University, B.S., Exercise Science.

Favorite food: The food with calories.

Favorite books: I haven't read a book since 1988.

Favorite Movies: Cinderella Man & Seabiscuit.

Favorite actors & actresses:

Favorite TV shows: 24

Favorite Singers or Bands? Bruce Springsteen, John Mellancamp, Alan

Jackson, Martina McBride.

Favorite Songs? Independence Day, Martina McBride

Favorite Junk

Food: Golden Oreo's

Your Perfect Meal: Spaghetti, Red Sauce, and a huge glass of milk. All

washed down with vanilla ice cream.

Favorite Restaurant: McDonald's

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Michelob Golden Light

Non-Tri Hobbies: Home improvement projects.

Favorite Pro Teams: I have a tough time getting e

xcited about watching


Favorite College Teams: See

above answer.

Heroes? "The greatest generation". Guys like Bob Powers. The ones who

survived The Great Depression and WW II.

Dream Vacation Destination?

Winter Training? How do you train in the off-season? I take off all the tracking

devices (power meter, watches, poolside pace clock) and change my attitude about training. I don't "train" but I still "work out." If I am going to race the following season I make certain not to put to too much weight. My race weight is about 20lbs below what my body wants to be at, so it is tough for me to get down to race weight. Oh, and I don't swim from August until April or May. Come January I will ride my Tacx more and run more. I always run outside and ride outside above 5 degrees.