Saturday, January 30, 2010


(Photos: Top -Three of Minnesota's most accomplished multisportswomen--Angie Schmidt, Jen Lenarz and Jenny Wilcox--model their "Goofy Bling." At Bottom - The girls get "bagged" before the race.)

By Jenny Wilcox

Angie Schmidt, Jen Lenarz and Jenny Wilcox ventured to Orlando, FL, to tackle the "Goofy Challenge" on January 9 & 10. It just so happened to be the coldest weather in 25 years! The half marathon was held on Saturday and the full marathon was on Sunday. During the half marathon it sleeted and was very windy; at the start of the marathon on Sunday it was 28 degrees. All three of us dressed in pants, stocking hats, double layered tops and gloves. Being from Minnesota we thought we could handle the cold weather, but it was wicked. On top of having sore and beaten legs from the half marathon we knew we were in for a hard day’s work for the full, so we tried to make the best of it with taking in the sights of the magnificent course. Both races took us thru all of the theme parks of Disney World. When we mentally needed a break at the hardest miles of the race, the course would wind us thru Cinderella’s Castle and all of the lands of Disney World; in addition to the wonders of Epcot, the wildlife of Animal Kingdom and the excitement of Hollywood Studios.

We woke up at 3am both mornings in order to make it to the start line by 5:40am. During the races Jen Lenarz was looking to have fun, having her photo with all of the characters along the way, she truly had a picture perfect race experience. Jenny Wilcox, still recovering from a broken foot, paced Angie Schmidt for an outstanding PR half marathon. With no expectations we all finished the marathon strong and satisfied with our accomplishments.

We received a Donald Duck medal after the half marathon, a Mickey Mouse medal after the full marathon and then a Goofy medal for completing the challenge. The Goofy medal was almost back-breaking it was so heavy. Still feeling fresh after the Goofy Challenge, the ladies and their kids went out for a day at the parks. We hobbled around the park and wished we had rented a lark-powered wheelchair for the day. It was a fun and amazing experience, but we may wait until we retire to do it again when we have more time and money. We have many fond memories and all had a great time, as did the kids. Training for the Goofy challenge helped us keep the holiday pounds away. All three ladies have Ironmans on their lists this year to tackle next, always needing something to keep us moving and motivated.