Sunday, January 24, 2010


We appreciate all the positive feedback we've received on the "Going Off-Course with Team Minnesota" features, so we've decided to "Go Off-Course" with many other athletes as well. Let us know if you'd like to be featured. If so, we'll send you a questionnaire, dig up a great picture or two, and post what you send us.

Later this week we'll "Go Off-Course" with triathlete/IT nerd Tom Segar (see photo). Married and father of two or three kids, Tom proudly admits that he hasn't been beaten-up in at least five years.

In case you missed any of the Team Minnesota women's biopics, you can link to them here.

1. CATHY YNDESTAD (Toltec Wisdom & More Cowbell)
2. KORTNEY HAAG (Tofurkey & Caipirinha)
3. MARLO MCGAVER (Jim Carrey & Cottage Cheese)
4. JEANNE FLECK (A Salt Shaker in her Purse)
7. HEIDI KELLER-MILER (Madison's Mom is a Groupie)
8. BROOK MUTZENBERGER (Wine & Onion Rings)
10. SUSAN WILLIAMS (Tears for Fears & Kohlrabi)