Saturday, January 2, 2010


When Team Minnesota's Susan Williams did not initially respond--she's been very busy lately--to our "Going Off Course With..." questionnaire, we posted what we assumed, based on what little we knew about her--she's tall and 36--and on how she is dressed in her Facebook picture, must be true about her. We used our incisive powers of induction, which along with $1.85 will get you a cup of coffee at Dunn Brothers, to conclude that she went to college on the east coast, visits her dentist bi-annually, loves Tears for Fears and eats Kohlrabi.

Susan has responded to that post and submitted her questionnaire. How close, or far off, were our conclusions?

See for yourself.

Here are Susan's answers. Our earlier guesses are in parentheses.

COLLEGE: Undergrad at Northwestern. MBA at Michigan. (Our guess: Princeton)
MAJOR: Economics & International Studies (Our guess: Biochemistry or Runway Modeling)
(Comment: We guessed that Susan was educated on the "East Coast." While the coastal part turned out to be untrue, you have to admit that Evanston, IL and Ann Arbor, MI are east of her ancestral home in Stevens Point, WI. We were half right.)
FAVORITE SINGERS/BANDS: Arcade Fire, Keane, Death Cab, Flaming Lips, Radiohead, Solid Gold (Our guess: Tears for Fears & The Scorpions)
UNUSUAL SKILLS: World Class Beer Pong Player (Our guess: Striking unnatural runway model poses. Applying whitening strips in record time.)
FAVORITE JUNK FOOD: Dark Chocolate, though she agrees that it is almost "health food." And "Juicy Lucys." (Our guess: Dark Chocolate) (Comment: WE GOT ONE RIGHT! WE ROCK!)
FAVORITE HEALTHY FOOD: Salmon, Pad Thai, Risotto, Egg Sandwiches
(Our Guess: Organic vegetables, especially kohlrabi)
FAVORITE BOOKS: Special Topics in Calamity Physics (Huh?) (Our Guess: Special Topics in Runway Modeling)
FAVORITE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE: Red, red wine (Our guess: White, white chardonay)
NON-TRI HOBBIES: Drinking red, red wine and playing beer pong (Our guess: Watching UCONN women's basketball games and eating dark chocolate-covered Kohlrabi.)
PERFECT VACATION DESTINATION: Southern California (Our guess: New Jersey)

Hey, we got the dark chocolate part right!