Thursday, January 14, 2010


(WARNING: This post contains embellishments.)

Team Minnesota's Devon Palmer is a quiet, private and introspective young man. He exudes levels of intelligence, confidence and maturity that belie his age (23). Though he rarely allows himself to be dragged into contentious debates on the major political, social, environmental and economic issues of our era, there is one quasi-major topic he is willing to openly discuss: Why is it so darn hard to find a good burger these days?

Admit it. You are concerned about this, too. Truly world class burgers are getting harder and harder to find and unless you plan to visit every backwoods tavern in Wisconsin, the chances of finding that perfect bunned and condimented sandwich are slim.

Sure, "decent" burgers are available, like the ones you'll find at Keys (Devon's favorite restaurant) or 5-8 (home of the "Juicy Lucy") and it is not our intent to besmirch such establishments. But Devon seeks pattie perfection; ground beef nirvana; thus his Quixotic quest continues.

If there is anyone out there who believes they have located the perfect hamburger, and are willing to share that information with Devon, please contact us.

We'll pass your information to Mr. Palmer, albeit not before we have taste tested the alleged perfect sandwich and confirmed its indefectibility.

Here's some other stuff you may not know about Devon Palmer:

Occupation: Student and coach

College? Where? Degrees? BS in Kinesiology with a minor in coaching from the U of M where I am Starting an M.Ed. this spring in Sport and Exercise Science.

Favorite food: I don't have a favorite food, rather, food is my favorite.

Favorite books: Running with the Buffaloes, Mountains Beyond Mountains, The Ugly American, Bowerman and the Men of Oregon, Its Not About the Bike

Favorite Movies: For A Few Dollars More, Pumping Iron

Favorite actors & actresses: Andy Samberg and Clint Eastwood

Favorite TV shows: Bones, The Closer, Top Gear, and from my friends at Comedy Central: The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and South Park

Favorite Junk Food: A GOOD BURGER!

Favorite Restaurant: Keys Cafe

Favorite Pro Teams: Garmin-Chipotle and Saxo Bank, also a fan of our ocal pro runners on Team USA MN

Favorite College Teams: Gopher swimming and running teams

Heroes? Bill Bowerman

Dream Vacation Destination? Norway

Winter Training? How do you train in the off-season? Swim, bike, and run Netflix will get me through the time on the