Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's fun to prognosticate. And it's fun to be right.

But it's even more fun to be wrong!


Being wrong typically demonstrates that the status quo is being shaken up. This is good for the sport and the Minnesota scene. A recent example of our being blissfully wrong was when we predicted that Steve Sander would win the Chain of Lakes Triathlon. Steve had a good race but was beaten by upstart Sam Janicki, a youngster whose previous results were sub-stellar. But young guys (and gals) sometimes make quantum improvements. Sam sure did.

Examples of our flubbed predictions in 2009?

* Manitou winner- Devon Palmer (MTN Prediction: Kevin O'Connor) - This win served as a launching pad for Devon's stellar season.
* New Bri Tri winner- Greta Simpson (MTN - Jody Quesnell)
* Buffalo Sprint winner- Troy Anderson (MTN - Jesse Nelson)
* Life Time Fitness Elite winner- Devon Palmer (MTN - Mark Harms, Jared Woodford, Nathan White) - We should have known better!
* Chaska winner- Suzie Finger (MTN - Christina Roberts)
* Brewhouse winners- Jon Balabuck & Heidi Keller Miler (MTN - Brian Bich & Marlo McGaver)
* Green Lake Olympic winner- Cindy Blackstock (MTN -Laurel Sundberg)
* Pigman Half winner- Kortney Haag (MTN - Alaina Neary or Julie Hull)

Okay then. It's now time to, most likely, incorrectly predict the Top 5 men's finishers at Sunday's Gear West Duathlon.

1. David Thompson - David is 6 for 6 at Gear West and hasn't been beaten by a Minnesota multisportsman since June 2001 (Lake Waconia). Enough said.
2. Brooks Grossinger (photo above) - The two-time GW podium finisher is coming off a course record effort at Oakdale.
3. Chad Millner (running photo)- A CR at Falls Du and a close 2nd behind Brooks at Oakdale tell us that Chad is ready to make the podium at GW for the 2nd straight year.
4. Devon Palmer - It's foolish to bet against Devon, but here we go again. Devon has yet to race in a multi in 2010. The guys in front of him have already knocked off the rust and raced well, especially in run-bike-run races. Also, DKT, Brooks and Chad will each be at least 20 seconds-per mile faster in the run segments. Can Devon make up 50-seconds during a 17.3 mile bike leg? Maybe on Chad and Brooks, but not David. This will be very interesting.
5. Patrick Parish - As one of the fastest rising young stars of our region, the fleet-footed Parish will be nipping at the heels of the established elites. He was 8th here in 2009. He'll be barking with the Big Dogs on Sunday and for the rest of the season.

Men's AG Faves:

00-19 - ?
40-44 - Doug Davis
45-49 - Todd Firebaugh
50-54 - Charlie Roach (unless Tony Schiller shows up!)
55-59 - ?
60-64 - Ben Ewers (He's also signed up for Albert Lea. What's up, Ben?)
65-69 - Bob Bailey (Great Division! Bob, Hank, Nick!)