Monday, May 24, 2010


("Before"--Top--and "After"--Below--photos of triathlete Jen Martone.)

Me and Lance

by Jen Martone

I read an ESPN headline yesterday that said “Think you had a bad day on Thursday? Cheer Up. It had to be better than Lance Armstrong’s.”

Well, my Thursday was okay, but Saturday morning wasanother story after a 55 mile ride with fellow cyclists in the Western suburbs. No one’s ever going to spread rumors about me doping with my average RPMs on the bike, but I found that Lance and I had a couple of things in common this past weekend aside from being 38. Most notably left side facial road rash after a crash. Although I think he’s wearing his a bit more gallantly, especially since he hopped back into the Tour de California two days later, and I’m lying on my couch with a several ice packs, wondering what my clients are going to think on sales calls this week. I’m not positive where this story goes. Just a good reminder to always wear your helmet properly, take downhills in the rain/hail with caution, avoid slippery manholes, and ride with friends who have cell phones.

Oh, and if you happened to be in downtown Wayzata on Saturday morning at 10:50 am and assisted me with blankets, a concussion review, or towels, thank you. I hope you’re reading this. - JM