Sunday, May 16, 2010


(Photo: Jon with wife Laura and son Rudy. This family is so goshdarn attractive it almost makes you want to hurl.)

Recently, we e-mailed Team Minnesota's Jon Balabuck, who is one of the totally coolest people you'll ever meet (did we mention he's Canadian?), to discuss his 2010 racing plans. Here is his unedited--Hey, capitalization, punctuation, spelling and syntax are overrated, right?--reply:

Hi MTN Readers,

I guess I should let you know..... I probably won't be racing that much this year because of a viral infection in my heart wall. Back in November I did Ironman Florida. Prior to the race i was feeling off, compared to being extremely out of shape. We all saw the result in Florida, I was flat. For the first time, i started running during the marathon, and simply could not run. My body was rigid.

Fast forward a couple weeks and that feeling never left. I was at work one night on a call for a fire, and was moving wood pallets out of the way and noticed that i was bagged, as If I had done a Mile sprint. I checked my Heart Rate and couldn't keep up the count to how fast it was beating. It was around 220. That morning after night shift I went in to the hospital and was admitted and tested for all possible causes. When i would figgit in the bed, my Heart Rate would jump up to 160. Something was up.

After numerous tests and visits to the cardiologist, turns out I have a viral infection in my Heart wall. This thickens the heart wall and causes the heart to spasm that in turn creates a faster heart rate. For you Tecno people: my S.T. line in my rhythm was irregular and curvy. My options- rest the Heart. I have been placed on Beta-Blockers for 6 months and at that time, i will be reassessed and the next course of action will be determined.

That is due end of June. What do beta-bockers do? basically, they act as a governor for my heart and only allow it to beat so fast (i've seen 140).

So, there it is. I have to take a break from racing until the doctor gives me the green light. I am hoping to start back training with some consistency in July and maybe show up at the Brewhouse and give it a go.

we will see; one day at a time.

trust me, I will be following the minnesota scene and sending some canucks down to show off some red and white.

Super good to hear from you and I wish you and all racers the best for their seasons.

Train hard, train safe, and stay healthy



ED. Do what you need to do to get better, Man. We miss you. Best to your family.