Saturday, March 27, 2010


Recently we asked 2009 Athlete of the Year Cathy Yndestad about her 2010 racing schedule, specifically if she were to kick off the year, as she'd done in '08 and '09, at St. Anthony's in St. Petersburg, FL. Here was her e-mail reply:

Hey ....,

Unfortunately no St. Anthony's for me. After a few very long seasons the last few years, Im ready for a break from the routine and will be attempting a new and exciting challenge in 2010. Kerry and I have always wanted to race in the Leadville 100 Mtn bike race, but as you can imagine, it didnt exactly fit into our standard racing schedules. We made a decision late last year that we would enter the Leadville lottery (this race has become extremely popular), and see what happens. Well we didnt get in, but thankfully Lifetime Fitness is the title sponsor, and they had an essay contest for their members to earn their coveted entries. We both received a slot (maybe winning the LifetimeFitness Triathlon the last 4 years helped my case), so well be spending A LOT of time on the fat tires this summer. AS far as triathlons go, the only race Im currently registered for is Ironman Wisconsin (4 weeks after Leadville). Im very excited to actually train for an Ironman instead of just squeezing it in between all my Olympic distance racing. Im sure all the hill training for Leadville will translate well to the hills of Wisconsin.

I will post an update on my blog eventually-Right now Im playing in Arizona with the Julie, Erik, Merilee and KerryOur annual YndeCamp AKA-Adult play dates in the sun!

Have a Super day!!