Sunday, March 28, 2010


(Photos: Above - Stephanie's MTN logo design. Cool, huh! Left - Stephanie fully formed. Below left - Stephanie during a more formative stage.)

We've never met triathlete/future kindergarten teacher Stephanie Shuster but we like her intensely. What's NOT to like about a person who loved "The Hangover" and eats chocolate chip cookies that are as big as her head?

Have you read "Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs"? It's a very cool book - it has an abiding reverence for irreverence; it demonstrates that it can be fashionable to be anti-fashion; and it is very serious about not taking things too dang seriously. Reading this book will make you cooler than you already are. And it's one of Stephanie's favorite tomes, ergo, she is totally cool and impossible not to like.

Stephanie also created one of the two great logo designs that are being considered for the official MTN masthead, letterhead and merchandise identity. We love your design, Steph, as do a plethora of folks who voted for it. (Winner announced on Tuesday!)

And here's some more "Going Off-Course" stuff about the totally cool Stephanie Shuster:
Name: Stephanie Shuster
Age: 26
Family: Just me, my mom, my dad and our dog, Bandit.
College? Degrees? Graduated from Northwestern University with a BA in English Literature. Currently at St. Thomas to get my masters in Education - I want to teach kindergarten- what can I say? I love the little rug rats.


Singers, Bands?
Way too many to list. I like a little bit of everything.
Movies? The Hangover, The Departed, Willy Wonka, 500 Days of Summer

TV Shows? 30 Rock, Modern Family , Big Bang Theory and Arrested Development are my fav. I have no time to watch any of them, however. Thank goodness for the magical Tivo.
Junk Food?
I can always go for a giant chocolate chip cookie and I always eat the entire thing in one sitting. None of this "save it for latter" crap for me.
There is a place called The Green House. Unfortunately, it's not here in MN, it's in Arizona. But it's all very fresh food and quiet scrumptious.

Alcoholic Beverages? Martini anyone?
Books? The Great Gatsby, Hamlet, Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs.
Tattoos? Way too big of a commitment for me.
Non-Tri Hobbies?
Hanging out with friends, walking around the lakes with the dog, baking (although I am not very good at it-I feel bad for my friends and family who are forced to eat my concoctions).
Dream Vacation Destination? I really want to go to Australia.
Weird Habits? I like turkey sandwiches for that weird?
Pet Peeves? I don't really like being late.