Friday, March 12, 2010


By Bonnie Ghiradelli..... You PR what you eat.

I love chocolate. Chocolate makes the world go around. Just imagine how many people would become unemployed and poor if the world stopped producing and eating chocolate. Think of all the relationships chocolate has saved. Think of the holidays that would be X'd off the calendar. Chocolate is not only saving our economy and our relationships, it is also known as the one love producing food. Chocolate rocks.

I love my Coach. He's smart, seasoned, on-target and dedicated. He also likes to torture me. He says it's because he loves me but I do not see any similarities or family relations between him and chocolate.

Coach gave me a myriad of accelerations to do as part of my training the other day. This was right after I ate some chocolate. I was innocently sitting on my bike trainer (I have yet to master the art of biking outside in the dark on cold winter nights. Next week, I keep promising myself. Next week.) when suddenly I had to go from a nice, easy warm up to warp speed. I envisioned my bike flying off the trainer and crashing right through my big picture window in my living room- glass shattering everywhere, rain pouring in as I shoot out into the night like E.T. on the handle bars with Elliot pedaling furiously behind him.

I tried to hold my ground, or should I say my chocolate down. Blasted accelerations!

Finally my 2 minute rest interval came. After 6 rounds of potential window crashing intervals I had to slither off my trainer to the ground like hot fudge pouring out of a bottle onto the targeted ice cream. I lay on the floor wondering if my clips would totally destroy the tile if I had to dash into the bathroom to greet the porcelain throne, paying homage.

Alright so chocolate rocks but it also has it's place. Next time I need to be done chewing at least an hour before I get on the bike verses while I'm clipping in. Got it.